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How LED light can elevate your facial

What is it?

LED Phototherapy, or light emitting diode phototherapy, uses varying wavelengths of low wattage light to treat many different skin conditions and concerns. It can be used as part of a facial treatment to optimise the skins condition, is perfectly safe to use and is painless with no side effects.

It's not a treatment that will leave the skin photosensitive (sun sensitive). Although SPF should be worn every day regardless.

LED is light, a type of energy. Wavelength is the way the light travels through the air and is what determines the colour of the beam. It's what is responsible for how a beam interacts with tissues i.e. our skin. Different coloured lights penetrate to varying depths within the skin.

LED has been clinically developed and trialled ensuring that it is, not only safe to use, but able to provide tangible results. There is no risk of downtime (you can continue with your daily routine without the worry that your skin is going to look worse before it looks better) and no trauma as it doesn't heat the skin (it's not causing any controlled injury which encourages the skin to repair and renew). It may look like a mini sunbed for the face but it's totally different. Here I'll explain why.



How does it work?

It works by emitting light via a certain amount of pulses, at a certain rate, within a certain time. Light delivered by LED devices can either be continuous or photo-modulated (pulsed). There is evidence to show that photo-modulated light affects skin cells differently from continuous light and therefore is more favourable. The light is directed through the skins epidermis (the upper layers of the skin) and activates fibroblast cellular metabolism, thereby assisting the production of collagen and elastin. This is what gives the skin it's firm structure and bounce. Fibroblasts are cells responsible for producing connective tissue and allowing the skin to repair and recover from injury.

LED light strengthens the skin's blood capillaries which results in much improved oxygenated and detoxified skin. It increases lymphatic flow to effectively remove waste, boosts the skins protective cells and enables the cells to accept and utilise skincare products more effectively and efficiently. This means skincare products will last longer. Studies show that the light can increase skin cell growth by up to 200%. Ultimately LED phototherapy stimulates, renews and repairs the skin.


LED Phototherapy at The Wellness Room

An LED canopy, which I have in The Wellness Room, uses different coloured LED light with added infrared to achieve non invasive optimum skin results. This is the perfect treatment 'add on' which will take a facial to the next level or it can be chosen as a stand alone treatment. You could even add it onto a facial massage or any other treatment. At a cost of only £25 it's excellent value. It can be used weekly or as part of your monthly visit to rejuvenate, nourish and treat all skin types. At this moment in time there is no other aesthetic facial treatment that can be used so frequently to achieve a wide range of results.

I program the LED canopy to emit different coloured lights depending on my clients skin care concerns and my skin analysis observations.


What do the different colours mean?

Here's a quick overview of the benefits of each wavelength:

Blue light

Penetrates the least of the visible wavelengths (colours) However, it is antibacterial and so is well suited to acne, smaller breakouts and rosacea.


Green/yellow light

Penetrates more than blue light but less than red. It's anti-inflammatory, therefore calming. It's able to reduce swelling, redness, treat sunburn and is perfect after laser treatments.


Red light

Penetrates the deepest of all visible wavelengths and is therefore able to target dermal structures. It rejuvenates skin that is showing signs of ageing by stimulating collagen production and skin healing.


Infrared (has no visible colour)

Penetrates the deeper than the visible wavelengths. It stimulates healing in the skin and is particularly beneficial for eczema and psoriasis and post various facial treatments.


Canopy or mask?

There are many different LED Phototherapy devices on the market. Some are better than others. Mine was purchased from a reputable advanced skin care training company I've had training to competently use it. Unfortunately there are many substandard devices out there so I would advise going to a qualified therapist to receive the treatment. You can also purchase LED masks which certainly serve a purpose as an at home treatment. However, the output power is less than a canopy so will have limited results.

The skin will immediately glow which will last for several days. However, work is happening on a deeper level and, as the recipient, it is important to know that the skin will continue improving over the following weeks. Laying under the canopy is extremely relaxing, I've had several clients fall asleep or at the very least able to calmly rest.

Does this sound like heaven?!

If you are a client of mine why not add this on to your next treatment visit. If you live too far away seek it out from a clinic near you.

Thanks for reading.

N x

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