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Product Review - Elemental Herbology Detox Bath & Body Oil

I love a good body oil. They are one of my favourite body care products. I like to use them at home on myself and in my treatment room with my clients. So I was really interested to give Elemental Herbology's Detox Bath & Body Oil a go. Even though this brand has been on my radar I haven't used any of their products until now and I wasn't disappointed.

Elemental Herbology's ethos is about bringing some harmony back into our lives. It's easy for our energy and balance to get disrupted and, as such, they have created aromatherapy blends and textures to deliver a complete sensorial experience. Their Five Element Theory is based on achieving optimum wellbeing and a sense of stability according to 'your element'. They have devised a short consultation which identifies the best products for your needs in line with which of the five elements you most identify with - wood, fire, earth, metal or water. Each product has been designed to compliment you and bring about a sense of balance whilst being enjoyable to use.

It was interesting filling in the consultation form to discover my element and I was not surprised to find that I was most aligned with Metal. An autumn lover, who is self disciplined, organised and methodical. A perfectionist (which isn't always a good thing) and when out of balance it's common to feel sluggish and bloated. They suggest that being very organised means that metal elements can sometimes miss out on opportunities to be spontaneous. By saying 'yes' more often can help regain some balance. I could definitely benefit from doing this more. Sometimes I play it too safe, I'm not always the most spontaneous person. This was a fascinating exercise to do.


The Metal Element body care range detoxifies the body through natural botanicals and essential oils which help to eliminate toxins and encourage good circulation.

Rosemary, grapefruit and juniper berry are the stars of this body oil. It was already a winner as soon as I smelt it. Super uplifting and fresh. These three hero ingredients have been purposely chosen to purify and invigorate a sluggish body and mind. They can effectively eliminate toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system to drain efficiently and encourage optimum blood circulation when massaged into the skin.

Why are these ingredients so good in a detoxifying product?

Rosemary: Naturally improves the circulation, is able to aid good digestion and can stimulate the mind.

Grapefruit: Perfect for detoxing and stimulating healthy digestion.

Juniper Berry: Cleansing and purifying whilst improving circulation.


I have been applying this to my décolleté and stomach (torso) on dry skin before stepping in the shower. The steam from the water and the light massaging action helps the oil to absorb and do its magic. Plus it's the perfect time to take some slow deep breaths to fully awaken the senses. I then apply it once I come out of the shower, when I've dried off, to continue it's work. I have also been using it for some of my client body work treatments such as deep tissue massage and hot stone massage, depending on the time of day and each individual client's needs. It effectively helps to reduce fluid retention, shift toxins and stimulate the circulation through an energising massage. It has worked really well. It can also be dispensed into a bath if that is preferable.

Not only are the cocktail of aromas appealing but the consistency of the oil is just right. I really dislike oils that slip through your fingers before you've even had a chance to apply them to your skin. This is an oil that knows its an oil, yet it isn't greasy or sticky. It will nourish and hydrate your skin. It comes with a pump action dispenser which, for me, is also a winner because it delivers the right amount of product with minimal room for error.

I've really enjoyed using it and it's been such a good choice to incorporate into my morning shower routine to elevate my mood. So if you are looking for an easy to use, uplifting body oil that's working on the inside as well as the outside this is a really good choice.

Oh yes, and an important side note, Elemental Herbology are really big on ethical sourcing, being cruelty free, reducing waste, using recyclable packaging and not using unnecessary ingredients. They are used in the spas at Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch and Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, in addition to spas in New York, Dubai and Hong Kong to name a few.

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