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Brand Spotlight Series - Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is an Australian cosmeceutical skin care brand founded back in 2002 by Melbourne based brothers Jeremy and Heston Muijs. Their background has been in design and product development where they ran their own international consultancy, developing products for many large global brands. It was whilst working with one of their clients in the testing phase that they discovered how continuous use of natural active ingredients could directly improve skin cell health, optimising skin function and as a result reverse signs of skin ageing. This led to them launching Grown Alchemist, developing formulas that combined biology and cosmetic chemistry. Which in turn saw the birth of their trademark skincare system: Cleanse, Detox, Activate.



They have cosmetic chemists and research labs in London, Paris, Switzerland, Spain and Australian who continuously work to create the perfect formulas to apply topically to the skin, as well as offering nutricosmetics which are a range of advanced beauty supplements to take orally. A predominantly natural and holistic system under one umbrella for everyone.

Grown Alchemist have deservedly been featured in many publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. As well as working with the likes of Alexander Wang whose models were given Grown Alchemist facials before walking the runway at Paris and New York fashion weeks.

Grown Alchemist is owned by The L’Occitane Group who are a leading international retailer and manufacturer of sustainable beauty and wellbeing products. Grown Alchemist is very particular about where they stock their products. You'll find them in Selfridges, Harrods, some small beauty boutiques like Perfumery & Company in the New Forest and a few online retailers.

Grown Alchemist describe themselves as “A beauty company of the future.” Priding themselves on formulating high performance plant based products that are scientifically formulated, with cellular renewal and nutrient metabolisation at their core. In simple terms they are interested in the way our bodies repair and how our skin regenerates itself. They focus on selecting natural ingredients which are compatible with our human biology and are very hot on ‘conscious skincare’ and “shopping for the health of your skin with clean skincare for all”. They are part of the ‘clean’ or ‘green’ beauty movement which has gained popularity over the last few years. In my opinion, a skincare brand which classes itself as ‘clean’ or ‘green’ is not better or worse than brands that are not marketed in this way. However, I know lots of consumers are looking specifically for these sort of skincare products and I have been really impressed with Grown Alchemist. Personally I use a combination of different brands as part of my skincare routine at home.



The range is extensive and offers something for everyone. Here is my insight into a selection of their products that have impressed me:

Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser

Suitable for: Normal/Dry skin

A luxe, creamy texture with a botanical fragrance instantly transports you from your bathroom to a spa. Formulated with a blend of skin kind antioxidants such as olive leaf extract, vitamin B, zinc and yarrow extract which encourage an amazing glow, prepping the skin for moisturiser and leaving it feeling comforted. It’s effective at removing light make up to.

Massage into dry skin morning and/or evening and remove with warm water and a cloth.

Balancing Toner

Suitable for: All skin types

A gentle, alcohol free refreshing toner containing soothing and hydrating antioxidant ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera and ginseng. This brightening toner will not strip the skin’s acid mantle, which is our protective film on the surface of our skin, therefore helping to keep skin soothed, hydrated and comfortable.

Apply to a cotton pad and sweep over face and neck after cleansing/shaving. No need to rinse.

Age-Repair Eye Cream

Suitable for: All skin types

Bio-compatible peptides (peptides which work in synergy with our bodies), nutrient rich vitamins and lipids improve brightness, hydration and texture. Designed to slow down signs of skin getting older around the eye area.

Massage a very small amount morning and evening around the eye area after toning. No need to apply too close to the lash line. Instead concentrate on the bone above and below the eye. Don’t be tempted to apply lots of product, less is definitely more here.

Hydra Repair Day Cream

Suitable for: All skin types

Delivering a silky texture that’s slightly richer than the Age Repair Moisturiser. Like the Age Repair moisturiser it doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin or excess shine. It works really well as a primer under make up. Allow a minute or so for it to dry down before applying foundation. This cream supplies the skin with plant derived actives including Aloe and Vitamin E to improve hydration levels. May blossom releases flavonoids which set to rebalance natural sebum levels and improve the appearance of skin pores.

Massage a small amount into face, neck and décolleté morning and evening after applying serum or facial oil.

Detox Night Cream

Suitable for: Normal/Dry Skin

A dreamy advanced formulation night cream containing all of the ingredients you would want from a night time treatment moisturiser. A blend of peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and essential fatty acids that encourage the skin to detox and regenerate whilst we rest. A must have as part of your evening routine if your skin is showing signs of getting older to deliver a boost of nourishment.

Massage a small amount into face, neck and décolleté in the evening after applying serum or facial oil.

Age Repair Sleep mask

Suitable for: Normal/dry skin

This is a super-rich heavy duty mask which has been designed to leave on the skin whilst you sleep. An eclectic mix of amino rich oligopeptides, aloe and helix-aspersa protein (a snail extract!) It’s perfect for rescuing dry, dehydrated skin with a smoother texture which helps with the appearance of wrinkles. If skin is particularly dehydrated or sensitised this is a great treatment.

Apply on to clean face and neck in the evening instead of moisturiser until it has absorbed. No need to wash off. Cleanse face as normal in the morning. This is a multi purpose hard working product. It will help sooth razor burn, skin that’s been over exposed to sun, dehydrated from flying, suffering from the effects of medication etc.

Age Repair Hand Cream

Suitable for: All skin types

I am very particular when it comes to hand creams and I’m happy to say that this one ticks the box for me. Surely a hand cream is a hand cream you might say. But this is not the case. The formula is brilliant in that it is a recipe of phyto-peptides which increase collagen and therefore plumpness and hydration. Sweet almond oil also features and like any good fatty acid it’s going to help keep hands moisturised and smooth. Hands are not left greasy which is a big plus for me.

Apply at any time of day and massage in an extra thick layer before bed.

Lip Balm

Suitable for: All skin types

A really effective lip balm that deeply nourishes dry lips, maintains hydration levels throughout the day, all delivered in a lightweight non greasy texture. Rough, chapped and dry lips are eliminated due to moisturising ingredients such as Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba whilst the extract and scent of fresh watermelon repairs damage caused by the sun, wind or cold weather.

Keep it in your pocket or bag and apply any time of day and add an extra thick layer before bed.

All in all an impressive brand x

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