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Revitalising Facial Massage/ Natural Lift Facial Massage

Hooray! I am now qualified to offer a Revitalising Facial Massage (Natural Lift Facial Massage).  This is a very popular natural holistic treatment which helps to slow down the ageing process and achieve a younger looking and healthy skin.  It is also effective in relieving stress, headaches, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and sinus congestion, among many other things.


Origins and techniques

Its origins are in eastern massage using acupressure and similar eastern therapies.  Part of the treatment concentrates on pressure being applied to points on the face in order to stimulate or unblock the flow of vital energy in specific meridians. Working with various pressure points on the face has the potential to help different conditions and areas of the anatomy, for example, the colon, mental stimulation, kidneys, bowel health, nervous system. This is coupled with effective smoothing, lifting and draining techniques.  I do this by working with the muscles of the face and neck, from the frontalis (the forehead), the obicularis oculi (around the eye), to the mentalis (chin), and many others.



  1. Improvement of facial skin and muscle tone

  2. Relaxation of facial and eye muscles

  3. Relief from tension headaches and facial pain

  4. Alleviation of stress and anxiety

  5. Relief of shoulder and neck tension

  6. Overall physical and mental relaxation

I’ve provided facials as part of my treatment menu for nearly ten years now which include a thorough facial massage. However this Revitalising Facial massage is a much more intensive treatment. I will be offering it in several ways –

  1. A standalone 30 minute treatment

  2. An add on to a skin boosting or natural facial

  3. A course of six 30 minute treatments (including a complementary £25 discount)

The results will be most impactful with regular treatments.  This is where the course of six works so well.  Are you looking for a natural alternative? Do you have an event coming up? A wedding, a significant birthday, a holiday, Christmas parties? This course would be the perfect way to get your skin in shape.

Prices are on the ‘About Me’ page. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book in.  I’m already booking clients in for December.

I look forward to hearing from you x

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