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My Sri Lankan Spa Treatment Part 1

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Whenever I go on holiday I always try to book a treatment, whether it be a massage, a facial or a local therapy.  Not only do they allow me to rest and rejuvenate but I like to think of it as research – I might be able to incorporate little aspects into the treatments I offer.

A couple of weeks ago, when in Sri Lanka, I had a Sea Sand Exfoliating Scrub which left my skin softer than it has been in years! (Although it wasn’t for the faint-hearted – it was a bit painful – no pain, no gain eh!)

To follow this I had a Full Body Massage which helped to soothe my muscles and ease my mind. What I loved about this treatment was the hot Stone Pouch Therapy. These pouches were filled with heated sea sand (very hot!), crushed sesame, grated ginger, warming black pepper and dipped in coconut oil.  These were applied to pressure points and used to massage my muscles.  The combination of the heat and other ingredients was so relaxing.

Lastly, cooling stones were applied to my face in such a way as to promote lymphatic drainage (removal of toxins) which helped to refresh and revitalise.

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It is important to take time out – whether it be taking 15 mins to read your favourite book, having a relaxing bath, going for a run, spending 10 mins on some yoga stretches, going for a brisk walk in the fresh air or booking a treatment.  All of these and more can help quieten the mind, calm and relax.

N x

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