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My Sri Lanka Spa Treatment Part 2


If you don’t mind looking like you’ve dived head first into a vat of oil with a few flies stuck to your forehead then this is the treatment for you!

Shirodhara – ‘Third Eye Pour’

“What is this all about?” I hear you say!

Well, I managed to squeeze in another spa treatment the day before I left Sri Lanka and I chose this one.  It involved a lot of oil!

What is Shirodhara?

‘Shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ is the continuous flow of a liquid i.e. warm herbal oils or milk poured in a slow steady stream on the forehead (the third eye) to lull your senses into a deep ocean of calm.  This is based on the ancient teaching of Ayurvedic medicine (one of the worlds oldest holistic – whole body –  healing systems).

Sri lanka spa treatment room.JPG

What benefits could you experience?

  1. Relieves stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia through natural serotonin, dopamine and melatonin release

  2. Helps mental focus and concentration

  3. Stimulates the third eye and crown chakras (works with our hormonal system) and awakens intuition and inner wisdom

  4. Works with the cerebral system to help relax the nervous system

  5. Improves sensitivity of the five senses

  6. Can help reduce and relieve migraine headaches

  7. Releases negative emotions and thought patterns

  8. Improves sleep patterns

  9. Rejuvenates entire face and softens worry lines

  10. Improves mental clarity

  11. Pacifies irritability, restlessness, fear and excessive thinking

  12. Improves symptoms of jet lag

I had a shoulder, neck and head massage beforehand to further enhance these benefits as I was then already relaxed and in a receptive state.

It felt incredible when the oil started to be poured onto my forehead and trickle through my hair into a bowl. I felt a real sense of energy flowing through my head and hair.  It was a wonderful feeling.  The oil was being poured continuously for half an hour.

Shirodhara oil bowl.JPG

Paradoxically I also felt extremely relaxed and fell asleep at one point before waking myself up with a loud snore! Although I didn’t feel particularly stressed or restless beforehand I do feel that the treatment allowed me to deal with the long haul flight home, plus the impending jet lag, much more effectively.

Sri Lanka oil collection bowl.JPG

I was left feeling amazingly calm and relaxed with a very clear mind.  I had extremely soft skin and hair as I was advised to leave the oil on for at least two hours before washing off.

What a wonderful treatment.

It was a couple of hours afterwards before I realised I had two flies stuck to my oily forehead!

My oily hair after Shirodhara treatment

N x

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