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The House of ELEMIS – My Review


Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial

“The nutritional boost that packs stressed, dull skin with powerfully energising and detoxifying actives.”

Set in the heart of Mayfair, boasting spa and health club facilities, The House of ELEMIS offers numerous skincare and body care treatments to improve wellness.

I booked in for a brand new treatment – the Superfood Pro-Radiance facial.  ELEMIS have just launched their Superfood facial and products.  This range incorporates the potency of natural ingredients, such as ginger, kale broccoli, avocado, matcha and flax seeds.  It’s like a nutritious plate of food for your face.

I was hoping that this treatment would help to comfort several psoriasis patches that have appeared on my cheeks during the recent spell of cold weather.  The Superfood range has been designed to cleanse and rehydrate your complexion without disrupting your skin’s natural balance.  It claims to sooth stressed skin and restore vitality and radiance to dull complexions.

When entering I stepped into the retail part of the spa.  This is a great space where all products are available to look at and try.  I was greeted very warmly by Caroline on reception who offered me a selection of herbal teas and a comfortable place to sit whilst I completed a consultation form on an I pad. My Therapist Kirra lead me up three flights of spiral stairs (it is a townhouse after all!) and took me into my treatment room.  I’ve seen several of these rooms in my time and I particularly liked this one with its muted tones and low level lighting. It was also sound-proofed which may seem like a strange observation to make but is so important for a location in central London.


Unlike some therapists I’ve seen in the past, Kirra read my consultation form and explained how she would tailor the facial to my individual needs.  I had confidence that she had my best interests in mind.  Being a Holistic Therapist can often mean that it takes me a while to relax during a treatment as I am always making mental notes of tips and tricks I can incorporate into my own treatment menu. Sometimes thinking about what the therapist is doing or not doing at any one time.  However, Kirra was very skilled in seamlessly applying the different products and working her way through the facial which included an amazing  facial massage and, in addition to this, an arm, hand and head massage. (I’m always aware of how much noise therapists make during treatments i.e. opening products, moving about during the treatment etc – I’m a hard client to please!).  However, I felt really relaxed and once the facial had finished I didn’t want to move!

I didn’t feel rushed to get off of the warm and comfortable bed but once I was ready I met Kirra downstairs in the retail part of the townhouse. She had a superfood shot for me to drink and a glass of water.  Now, having worked in the beauty and wellbeing industry for many years, within a training capacity, I know that part of providing a treatment is to sell the recommended products. I don’t ever feel pressured to buy but I was very interested to see what Kirra was saying.  I have used a few ELEMIS products for years and so I did make a couple of purchases.  None of them were from the Superfood range though. They will be my next purchase.


I would definitely return for another treatment. My skin definitely looked like it had been given a boost and appeared more radiant. My psoriasis patches felt softer and less noticeable. My only gripe was having to emerge into the hustle and bustle of Mayfair with a make up free face and hair that looked like it had not been washed for a week! I was keen to stay relaxed whilst negotiating the crowds on the way to Charing Cross! I think I did it!

N x

Contact details for ELEMIS:

The House of ELEMIS

2 Lancashire Court


London W1S 1EX

T: 0207 499 4995


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