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My first ever Reiki experience

Personal Recommendation – Anna Rowe ‘Time 4 a Change’

Reiki Master, Hypnosis & NLP Master Practitioner

in the Brighton, Hove and Sussex Area


Have you ever experienced Reiki? You may be interested in seeing Anna Rowe, Reiki Master, as I have done recently. Below I’ve written about Anna and about my first ever Reiki experience.

Anna has run her own private practice for 17 years and is a qualified Reiki Master, society of NLP licensed Master Practitioner, Hypnotic Practitioner, Certified trainer of NLP and Neurological Repatterning and a Graduate Member of the British School of Yoga for teaching Healing Meditation. She was trained by the Co-Originator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, along with Paul McKenna (famous Hypnotist and NLP Trainer). She regularly assisted Paul McKenna with his Weight Loss Seminars in London.

Anna uses a mixture of Reiki, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and AEA (Advance Energy Analysis) during her treatments depending on the client she is seeing.

I went to see Anna a couple of weeks ago for personal development at her private practice in Saltdean (Brighton) for my first Reiki session. I had not experienced Reiki before but as a Holistic Therapist I understand the benefits of many complementary therapies. Anna was very welcoming and conducted the two hour session in her dedicated treatment room. She began by explaining, in layman’s terms, what Reiki is, how it works, what she would be doing during the session and what I could expect afterwards. This put me at ease and in turn created an environment conducive to relaxation, allowing me to be receptive to the treatment.

If you are not aware of how Reiki works Anna explains it so well in her own words:

“When your sink gets blocked and the water builds up do you leave it or do you take action? Many people swallow their feelings, hold on to them in their body, this in turn causes energy blocks. The more this is done the more blocks occur and the more a person can feel drained of energy and fall ill. When you know you need to take action to unblock your sink then it makes sense to also take action to unblock your energy so it can slow freely. This is where Reiki will be a effective treatment for you.”

“Reiki accelerates the healing of physical problems, balances the emotions, and frees us from restrictive mental attitudes.”

Reiki is non invasive, treating the whole body holistically. Anna gently placed her hands on me at times and I could feel bursts of energy flowing though me at certain points. At other times I felt small vibrations/tingling and warmth. The whole session was very relaxing and calming.


Afterwards Anna explained her findings by going through a Unique Energy Analysis chart (which was unique to me) which highlighted blocks I had and the possible reasons for them. What she explained was fascinating and she was extremely accurate in her findings. She gave me advice, including really useful tips and techniques, on how to move forward. She uses a mixture of up to date remedies and techniques to do this including NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and The Havening technique. She said that she would expect these blocks to gradually disappear as the sessions go on and would track my progress. 

I can honestly say that I came away from seeing Anna with a sense of enlightenment (without sounding over the top!) and at the same time felt completely revitalised, relaxed and ready to work on my tasks. I had very real and tangible action points to do in order to develop myself personally.

So if you are wondering if you’d benefit from Reiki ask yourself these questions –

Do you experience stress, depression, anxiety, grief, phobias, fertility problems, find it difficult to relax or sleep, want to give up smoking or lose weight? Or would you just like to make some positive changes in your life and develop personally?

Reiki could be for you and I would highly recommend Anna as a fully qualified professional to help encourage and support your positive personal change.

I am looking forward to my next session .

Anna’s contact details:

Anna Rowe


Best Wishes to you all x

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