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Lifting and smoothing facial massage techniques

Following on from my last article where I set out some simple facial massage steps to follow at home (scroll down this page to find it), I’ve now added some specific lifting and smoothing techniques that you can add into your massage routine.

I have posted a short video on my Facebook page and Instagram account (nicolameirholistictherapies) so that you can follow it step by step whilst you apply the techniques to your own skin.

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Some of what I am sharing forms part of my Revitalising Facial Massage (Natural Face Lift Massage) which is one of my signature treatments and I would say one of my most popular. It is a 30 minute treatment which includes stimulating, lifting and smoothing techniques, facial reflexology and many other moves.

If you have time to perform the sequence every evening (simple steps from my previous article plus the lifting and smoothing steps from this one or just the simple steps) you skin and your overall wellbeing will benefit immensely. However, if you are only able to do it once a week you will still feel and see some gains.

To get the most out of your massage try to ensure your skin is prepped as much as it can be. What I mean by this is making sure it is properly cleansed twice a day and exfoliated regularly i.e. twice a week. By exfoliating you are removing the dry dead skin cells which naturally build up and collect on the surface of your skin.  By doing so any product subsequently applied can penetrate into the upper skin layers rather than just sitting on the surface.

Below are the smoothing and lifting steps to follow on from your simple massage steps.  Fit these in just before your last feather strokes where you really slow down your movements before finishing.

  1. Jaw line grip – bend forefinger and middle finger like a two fingered claw and grasp the chin in between them so that the knuckles of these fingers are touching and the backs of your hands are resting on the side of your face. Move your hands away from the chin whilst still gripping the jaw line all the way out to the ears x 10

  2. Cheek grip – Keeping your hands in the same position move from the outer edges of your nose along the cheek bone and out towards your ears (grip the cheek bone in between your forefinger knuckle and middle finger knuckle) x 10

  3. Forehead circles – using two fingers start from above the eyebrows and make circular movements up towards the hair line. Continue to do this at three different points along the eyebrow up and out to the hair line to cover the whole forehead x 5

  4. Hand strokes – place your index and middle finger in a scissor shape (as though you were playing rock, paper, scissors) with your palms facing inwards. Using alternate hands lightly stroke the two fingers from the centre of the chin along the jaw line (one finger above jaw and one below jaw bone) out towards the ears x 10 each hand

  5. Hand strokes – same as above but moving from the side of your nose, over your cheeks and out towards your ears x 10 each hand 

  6. Finger rain drops – using all four fingers on each hand lightly tap them over your cheeks, chin, forehead in a raindrop sequence. So in quick succession tap index, middle, ring, little fingers lightly on skin x 20

  7. Final gentle feather strokes but much slower x 10

  8. Hold cupped hands over closed eyes and nose and breath in the lovely oil fragrance or hold hands gently over ears and enjoy the quiet moment.


Remember if you want to watch the accompanying video you’ll find them on my Facebook and Instagram. It will then be easier to follow the steps.

Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions x

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