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I’m not one for setting New Year Resolutions

“New Year, New you!”! I really don’t like this saying. It implies that we aren’t good enough as we are.  I don’t set new year resolutions as they just aren’t sustainable. Your self worth takes a beating. What I do instead, towards the end of each year and the beginning of the next, is think about what I’d like to achieve during the coming twelve months.  To me, it’s a natural time to refocus.  I try to set small achievable goals (like a to do list) which I can work on and review throughout the year.


I thought I’d share some of my choices for 2019:


  1. Set specific times each week for writing/research/self development. I have specific days and times I see clients but I need to do this for all of my other work to ensure I make good progress on a regular basis.

  2. Increase my knowledge of Instagram. I currently use it but want to understand how I can use it more for business purposes.

  3. Organise what self development I’m going to do this year.  I’m particularly interested in Bamboo Therapy (as an alternative to Deep Tissue Massage) but need to look into it further to see if it is appropriate.

  4. Look into the possibility of teaching short workshops in my field.


  1. Climb a mountain – literally! I never have and I’d like to do so. I will be looking into climbing Snowdon with my family.

  2. Look into becoming a volunteer for the international cancer charity ‘Look Good Feel Better’. I’ve made initial contact but need to get the ball rolling.

  3. Be more adventurous with my cooking, to include more meat free meals.

  4. Complete a few more house renovations.

  5. Give blood – I used to do this regularly but stopped when I was pregnant both times and never started again.

  6. Use my time out walking (when I’m out on my own) productively by listening to podcasts of interest.

  7. To go camping once! I am not a natural camper but my husband and children love it and my dislike of it means they don’t get to go very often.

  8. Continue to practice gratitude. I’ve been doing it as part of my bedtime routine for over two years and I’d say its one of the most important aspects of my day.  It reminds me about the things I have in my life and to be thankful and content.

  9. Continue to get outside every day and regularly attend my two classes each week – Barre Concept (a relatively new find for me) and Yoga.

  10. Read the book ‘Sapiens’. It’s been recommended to me by quite a few people and my husband raves about it.

  11. Buy less clothes (my husband physically chocked and laughed when he read this)  – Before I make a purchase I must think ‘Do I really need this?!’

  12. Take part in a park run.

  13. Clean my car once a month!

  14. Ironically spend less time on social media – turn off my notifications and set times to look at it rather then graze throughout the day.

  15. Continue to nurture my true friendships. I’m a sociable person and this is important to me.

  16. Work on strategies to deal with other peoples negative attitudes and behaviours without it having an impact on me.

  17. Continue to practice self care and take time out for myself.

Quite a list but I know I have the power to do these things (some I already do) and this list will evolve and change. I will do an update at the end of 2019 to report on my progress. I reckon the hardest one might be cleaning my car regularly!

If you are thinking about making some changes or committing to something new, these tips might help you:

  1. Is it realistic? Is it possible to achieve? Is the timescale relevant and workable?

  2. Try to visualise yourself achieving it and the feeling you will get once you have.

  3. Don’t strive for perfection. Making progress and keeping a good pace is more important.

  4. Gain the help of others who know more than you do about what you want to achieve – read, educate yourself, attend a class/group/course.

  5. Create an environment that encourages you rather than hinders. This may mean pulling away from negative people or removing temptations depending on what you are doing.


I’m looking forward to getting started! x

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