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Mindfulness Mini Series 2 - Four small steps to Mindfulness

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Here I share four easy to do mindfulness exercises that you can try. Take note of how they make you feel as you are doing them and afterwards. The truth is that we don't have to be sitting on the top of a hill to be able to do these exercises. Any space will work, i.e. whilst you are working, in a shop queue, gardening etc. But perhaps start with a quiet place (or semi quiet) to begin with.

Mindful Breathing

Pay attention to your in-breath as you breathe in and your out-breath as you breathe out. Try to slow down the rate that you do this and focus on breathing deeper than you normally do. Give your breathing your full attention and try to feel a sense of letting go as you breathe out. Follow your breath all the way to the end - from the beginning of the out-breath to the end of the in-breath. You will get to a point where other thoughts will disappear from your mind, like nothing else matters. Don't stress if you don't get to this point straight away. It may take some time. Any work issues you may have, the every increasing ironing pile, possible relationship or money worries all cease to matter at this moment in time because you are mindful of something else - your breathing. This exercise won't make these problems disappear. But the aim is to help you to calm the mind, refocus, improve concentration and think more positively and clearly. Able to make better decisions. The more you do this exercise the more your breathing will naturally become slower and deeper.

Body Awareness

Whilst breathing draw your attention to your body. This ultimately helps us to connect our mind with our body. How does your body feel as you breathe in and out? As you breathe in say in your head "I am aware of my body" and as you breathe out repeat "I am aware of my body". This will help you to feel fully present and calm.

Releasing Tension

Try to become aware of any tension you are holding in your body. It's possible for us to use our mind to support the release of this discomfort. As you breathe in say in your head "I am aware of my body", but this time when you breathe out say "I release the tension in my body". Don't worry if you can't do this at first, practice will see improvements. Ultimately this exercise will help you to feel more productive, yet peaceful.

Walking Meditation

When we are mindful we are present in that moment, feeling and enjoying what surrounds us. Whilst out walking every step can become enjoyable, helping us to see things clearly and positively. Actively look around you as you walk, what can you see, what's changed since your last walk? And what can you hear? Enjoy those moments.

Some of these exercises may take time to get used to. But the important thing is that you deserve to give yourself time to try and develop them. You will certainly feel a positive change in yourself.

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