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Facial Massage at home


Looking for ways to help you relax at home? How about giving yourself a facial massage. All you need is two minutes and something to massage with, preferably a facial oil but you could use a facial moisturiser. These will ensure you don’t pull or drag the skin.

If you are looking for a new facial oil I’ve compiled a list of ones I have tried over the years and loved:

Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Face Oil £49

Clarins Face Treatment Oil Blue Orchid £35

Amphora Aromatics Sweet Almond Oil £3 

Decleor Neroli Bigarde Aromessence Hydrating Serum £52

Neals Yard Organic Avocado Oil £8.50

Elemis Anti-Ageing Superfood Facial Oil £45

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for Night £42

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil £9

Neom Scent to Sleep Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil £42

Espa Nourish & Protect Replenishing Facial Treatment Oil £59

Amphora Aromatics Organic Jojoba Oil £14.40

Temple Spa It’s All Good Nutritious Boost Facial Oil £30

Sanctuary Spa 10 in 1 Super Secret Facial Oil £20

Oils can be quite expensive compared to your other skincare products, with the exception of serums. This is due to their high percentage of concentrated natural ingredients.  With this in mind, you only need to use a very small amount, two to three drops. So a 30ml bottle will last you for several months. I always use an oil on clean skin in the evening, either just before going to bed or whilst watching the TV. I tend not to use one in the morning as it doesn’t create the right base for make up, but who’s wearing make up at the moment anyway?!?!? However, when I am wearing it I use a serum instead. Always be sure to regularly exfoliate your skin so that the oil can effectively penetrate into the skin rather than sitting on a build up of dry dead skin cells.


It’s important to note that using a facial oil will not make your skin oily. You can use an oil on your skin even if your skin is naturally oily. This is because oils can help to regulate the production of sebum which is the skins natural oil. They can lock in moisture, support the skin’s natural barrier and improve elasticity in tired skin. There are also different types of facial oils for every different skincare concerns so choose one that matches your skin. You will know that you have the right one for your skin as it will sink in nicely with a short facial massage and be absorbed within a couple of hours. If it just sits on your skin it is probably to rich.


There are so many benefits to be gained from a facial massage:

  1. Improvement of facial skin and muscle tone

  2. Relaxation of facial and eye muscles

  3. Relief from tension headaches and facial pain

  4. Alleviation of stress and anxiety

  5. Relief of shoulder and neck tension

  6. Overall physical and mental relaxation


Head over to my facebook page or instagram account to see a recording of my own simple facial massage routine for you to watch. Below is a step by step guide to follow if facial massage is new to you and it mirrors the video I have made. It should take you no longer than a few minutes to complete but you can extend this if you have more time. Try not to rush the movements.

Firstly make sure that your skin is clean and make up free.

Place two or three drops of oil into your cupped hands.

Rub your palms lightly together to warm the oil.

If the oil is fragranced, take in three slow deep breaths from your cupped hands to inhale the beneficial essential oils. Take your time.

  1. Oil placement – Place your hands gently onto each cheek, then chin, cup your nose, followed by forehead and the neck to place the oil on each of these areas.

  2. Neck – using both hands start at the bottom of your neck and move hands in an upwards motion one after the other up to your chin. It’s easier if the right hand moves on the left side of the neck and the left hand moves on the right side of the neck x 10

  3. Feather strokes – Using your three middle fingers on each hand (index finger, middle finger and ring finger) apply light pressure from the middle of your face outwards – first on your chin (middle to outwards along jaw line), the cheeks (from side of nostrils to ears along check bones) and lastly forehead (middle to outwards towards temples) Increase the pressure as you go through the repetitions x 10 

  4. Eyebrows – Pinch your eyebrows – first on the inner edge and secondly on the outer edge (take hold of your eyebrow and flesh in between your thumb and forefinger and hold for five seconds each time) x 5

  5. Temples – Using your middle fingers only make a figure of 8 movement on each temple x 10

  6. Feather strokes – Repeat the feather strokes (same as point 3) x 10

  7. Mark of zorro below eye  – Using your middle finger lightly move them from the side of your nose out to your temple (above the cheek bone but below the thinner skin underneath your eyes) x 5

  8. Mark of zorro above eye – Using your middle finger lightly move them from the inner corner of your eyebrow out to your temple (just below your eyebrows) x 5

  9.  Circles – using two or three fingers make circular movements on the chin, the cheeks, the nose, temples and forehead, so that you cover the whole face x 5

  10. Final gentle feather strokes (same as point 3 and 6) but much slower x 10

  11. Hold cupped hands over closed eyes and nose and breath in the lovely oil fragrance. Take your time to breath in three long deep breaths.

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t follow all of these steps/forget the steps, your skin and general wellbeing will thank you for being massaged.

I will post some smoothing and lifting techniques soon so that you can add these to your basic massage routine.

Let me know how you get on. Happy massaging!

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