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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to join The Body Retreat team, as Holistic Therapist, in Andalusia on one of their healthy holidays.

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The Body Retreat offer women-only wellbeing and weight loss retreats in the UK, Spain and France. Their expertise is in women’s health and they are in fact the only retreat company that is run exclusively by women for women.  They offer a complete package in assisting women to take charge of their bodies by improving their health and wellbeing.  They work with not only physical health but mental and emotional health too.  We’re definitely not talking harsh detoxing or hardcore bootcamps here. It’s a much more welcoming and encouraging environment with lots of guidance and support.


The setting for this healthy holiday is absolutely stunning. It’s tucked in to the olive tree covered Andalusian hills. It is so peaceful and serene. There is a swimming pool, a hot tub and lots of outside space for class activities and comfy corners to sit and perhaps read a book.


All of the women that I met had come on the healthy holiday to take some time for themselves. Some wanted to regain control or make changes to their current lifestyle, some wanted to boost their existing weight loss, while others just wanted to take part in an active holiday and have some well earned ‘me time’.

There were lots of activities that the women could choose to take part in, all of which were completely optional.  From a wake up workout, to trekking in the olive grove hills, to swimming and much more.


There were very informative talks on nutrition and conscious eating. I must say that even though I have a qualification in nutrition I learnt a lot.  Everything was explained in simple terms which was easy for everyone to understand and implement when at home. The food was delicious and meal times were a very sociable occasion with everyone sitting together around one big table.  One to one sessions included lots of emotional support and personal training advise. Personalised programmes and goal settings could be agreed for implementation at home.


All ladies were able to book in for treatments with myself. I had the most beautiful treatment room as my work space for the week.  During this particular retreat the treatments on offer were – a full body massage, revitalising facial massage, back neck and shoulder massage, leg feet and lower back massage and a Salt scrub and glow treatment (body brushing, salt and oil scrub, warm mitt removal and body moisturiser application – this is a Body Retreat signature treatment).  All of these took place late afternoon and into the evening so the whole day was free for all of the ladies to take part in the activities of their choosing. Many of hem were doing lots of physical activity so i was ideal for them to see me to ease any tight and aching muscles before bedtime.  As I was working in the evening my days were mostly free so I was able to join in with some of the planned activities and get to know all of the lovely ladies. This ultimately helped me to treat them when they came to see me.  My favourite activities each day were the work out at 7am and the long walks, even though I fell over twice! (my own fault each time!).


The Body Retreat is such an amazing place for women to experience.  I’ve met some truly amazing women and at the end of the week felt completely rested, revitalised and fitter. I am so thankful and grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of this Spanish retreat. I’m now really looking forward to joining them again in October.


If you are interested in finding out more you can visit The Body Retreat at: where you’ll find information on the different retreats – weight loss, sugar detox, stress reset, healthy holidays, conscious cook and tone and lots of delicious recipes on their blog.

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