• Nicola Meir

Are you feeling the ‘Festive Frazzle’?


Busy juggling work, parties, get togethers, gift purchasing/wrapping, visiting family, watching nativity plays, attending carol services etc? I know the feeling!!!

Last Christmas I shared ten easy techniques to help alleviate feelings of stress, tiredness and general burn out during this busy time of year and they are still relevant today.


🎄1. Take time for yourself – think about your own needs as well as others. What makes you happy? – Is it some quiet time, a couple of hours to clean your house (tidy house = tidy mind), a bath, a bike ride, a long walk? When you look after yourself you are more able to give to your relationships and to your own health.

🎄2. Prioritise good quality sleep – we regenerate and renew whilst we sleep. It’s fundamental to our wellness. Look at your bedtime routine – do you stay away from technology and caffeine a couple of hours before bed to clear your mind? Do you get to bed at a reasonable time? Do you limit your alcohol intake as this disrupts sleep?

🎄3. Learn to breathe steadily – this can reduce stress and anxiety. Breathe in through your nose, hold for a couple of seconds and breathe out through your mouth. Try to do this for at least one minute whenever you feel your heart rate rising.

🎄4. Be thankful – being grateful focuses the mind and can contribute to feelings of contentedness. Before going to sleep think about your day and identify three things you were grateful for. It really is the small things that matter (even if it’s enjoying a quiet cup of coffee for example).

🎄5. Try not to over do it – don’t do too much! Certainly don’t try to complete a mammoth to do list. You’ll end up losing focus and completing very little. Concentrate on one thing at a time.

🎄6. Routine, routine, routine – try to retain some structure in your normal routine as this will help generate feelings of order.

🎄7. Stress busters – know the signs of stress and try to remove yourself from a stressful situation for an hour or so. This can help refocus and re- evaluate what is going on.

🎄8. Seek out laughter – this emotion can lift our spirits and break an emotional pattern by switching our mind to a more positive channel. Think about funny things that have happened and try to see the positive in every situation.

🎄9. The power of touch – touch has a positive impact on our wellbeing, whether that be a massage, manicure, a hug etc.

🎄10. Keep active – getting outside is a really quick way to improve your mood and alleviate feelings of stress. Aim to get outside every day no matter what the weather.

I hope these tips help if you are feeling like everything is getting too much x

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